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Having a cute waiter like I’ll have the chicken with a side of that dick

Sitting there in front of ur parents with the menu covering your face and winking at your waiter ^_*

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Red, White and Tru

Or white white and maybe a little bit darker
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Red, White and Tru

Or white white and maybe a little bit darker

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If you pronounce auxiliary “ox-il-yyaa-ree” you’re either 100 or I hate you. 

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Unica Zurn

1. Untitled

2. The Serpent


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Time Stacks by Matt Molloy

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She leaned in close, her breast barely grazing my chest, her arms wrapped around me, her soft lips pressed close to my ear, and she whispered “do you stream or do you download?”

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I’m jealous of girls that are super gorgeous. The ones that everyone always wants to be around, the friend everyone wants to have. The one that everyone looks at and thinks “damn she’s beautiful.” The ones that have a naturally cute laugh, a perfect smile, the ones with cute clothes and that look perfect all the time.

Oh wait that person doesn’t exist.

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i think everyone thinks about becoming a prostitute at one point in their life

My [guy] friend: one the one hand you have money and on the other hand you have morals.
Me: fuck you and your morals; on the other hand you have your safety

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Feeling unaccomplished

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for 75% water i sure do bring a lot to the table